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Jay Thomas (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 15:22:34 +0000

Brian A. LaMacchia wrote:
> Oh, I'm real slow over here, only got about 1000 Kkeys/sec total. Just my
> PPro 200, my P133 laptop and a Dual P5 (the PGP keyserver machine).

[I was tempted to join this fascinating techno-big-dick contest, then
realized I have *absolutely* nothing to brag about. Working for a bank
has its drawbacks. Instead I will post these incredibly interesting
(at least to me) bits. Give me 20 years and my DNA will kick some
serious ass!]

Full story at

DNA-Based Computers Could Race Past
Supercomputers, Researchers Predict

Scholars study variations on technology that replaces
silicon chips with molecule strands



The gold-coated square of glass in Robert M. Corn's hand
doesn't look like a memory chip-or like any other
component, for that matter.

But the glass, less than an inch square, is one key to
building a
radically different kind of computer, one that uses DNA
instead of silicon to store and manipulate information.
Eventually, proponents say, the technology could produce
DNA-based computers that would be better even than
supercomputers in solving certain types of problems.

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