RE: Tea List from the Laundromat

CobraBoy! (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 16:16:19 -0800

At 3:08 PM -0800 11/25/97, Joe Barrera wrote:

> So our email is Adam's personal scratchpad. Great.
> - Joe

yeah, and his personal correspondence to RoRo also it appears.

> Argh, Rohit, this Pete Loshin book "TCP/IP Clearly Explained" sucks: it
> doesn't even list RFC numbers in its bibliography. Even "TCP/IP for
> Dummies" does that a little in its appendices. Maybe the Stevens book
> has them?
> And geez, Loshin's book has no orthogonalization! Look at this
> chart and TRY to figure out at which level of the network each
> protocol lives...
> ARP -- Address Resolution Protocol
> Matches hardware network addresses to TCP/IP network addresses.
> BGP -- Border Gateway Protocol
> Passes routing information across internetworks.
> BOOTP -- Boot Protocol




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