Peoples and Places

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 08:19:44 -0800

I am doing my semi-annual email purging from all
the people search engines this morning. I am still
considering writing a de-registration engine one
of these days that goes out and automatically removes
all occurrences of my email from all the info sites.

In the category of last laugh, I briefly experimented with
allowing javascript to be turned on in my Netscape browser
last Summer. Wary of any security holes, I changed my
email to be Typing my name in this
morning, I find the following at WhoWhere?:

Gregory Alan Bolcer (click to send e-mail)
E-mail Provider: Spam Jelly Cocktail

I am laughing. I can only imagine the amount of spam mail
they get on my behalf, all of it probably bouncing back and forth.