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Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:46:48 -0800

*** Saudi prince invests $850M in news, tech firms

Saudi Arabia's billionaire Prince al-Waleed bin Talal said he bought

a 5% stake in Rupert Murdoch's global media group News Corp Ltd and

5% in internet software group Netscape Communications Corp. A

statement from the prince's office in the Saudi capital Riyadh said

he has also bought around 1% of technology group Motorola. It said

the prince bought the News stake for $400 million, the <bold>Netscape

for $146 million</bold> and the Motorola stake for $300 million. See


*** Netscape buys software firm for $180M in stock

Netscape Communications Corp. said it will acquire Kiva Software

Corp., which makes software for large enterprises, for 6.3 million

shares of stock, valued at $180 million. Netscape said its

acquisition of the privately held company will make it a leading

provider of application server software for the computer programs

that large organizations use to tap into the Internet and develop

their own Internet-based networks. Jim Barksdale, president and chief

executive of Netscape, said the acquisition will help Netscape

deliver on its strategy of linking people and businesses using

Internet technology into so-called Externets and to internal networks

called Intranets. See


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