I am now 1/5 of a doctoral candidate; next up: Cobraboy vs. Rifferboy.

Adam Rifkin (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 17:52:09 -0800

So I passed 20% of my admission to candidacy just now.
What this means is that one of the 5 professors who were
sitting on my committee is going on sabbatical in a week
for a year, and I want to do my candidacy in January,
just prior to our FoRK-sponsored trip to Mardi Gras
February 19-25 (Duck and Phryday and Steve Leif, we
got reservations at the same BnB as 2 years ago).

Tonight, I'm hopping down to Irvine to catch the
Aquabats, Blink 182, and Reel Big Fish. And perhaps
a glimpse of Rohit if he's lucky.

Tomorrow, Beavis and Butt-head do Thanksgiving.
Also, I might take in Alien Ressurrection.

Friday, Beavis and Butt-head are dead. I get to celebrate
by having Rohit yell at me several times an hour.

But the big battle is truly soon forthcoming: Cobraboy vs.
myself. For Rohit's birthday I made him a tape. On one
side, songs from Cobraboy's stellar 1997 release "Silent Bob Talks":

Block Rocking Beats - Chemical Brothers
Atomic Bomb - Fluke
Monster - Planet Jazz
Where it's At - Beck
Pearls' Girl - Underworld
Sunrise - Electric Sky Church
Chemical Meltdown - Tales from the Hardside
Novacane - Beck
Setting Sun - Chemical Brothers

On the other side, songs from Rifferboy's equally stellar
1997 release "Senor Beavis Responds":

Control - Traci Lords
James Brown is Dead - L.A. Style
Twilight Zone - 2 Unlimited
Mortal Kombat - Immortals
Age of Panic - Senser
Firestarter - Prodigy
Workaholic - 2 Unlimited
Dead Man Walking - David Bowie

and the inevitable

Stop - Spice Girls

Who will win this battle for Rohit's body, mind, soul,
and heart? Stay tuned, music fans...


Too much of something is bad enough.
Too much of nothing is just as tough.

-- Spice Girls