RC5 Slow creep to 200

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@gambetta.ICS.uci.edu)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 08:51:30 -0800

We are slooooowly moving up. I think at the rate
we are gaining, we will make the top 100 in about 4 years.
Our current ranking?

Current Ranking 204
Total blocks to search: 68719476736
Total blocks checked: 52418
Keyspace Exhausted: 0.000076%
Total keys checked: 14 Trillion
Time Working: 40 days
Overall Rate: 3972.12 kkeys/sec4253

blocks were completed yesterday ( 0.00000619% of the keyspace)
at a sustained rate of 13214 kkeys/sec!

My roommate went off to Oregon for thanksgiving weekend so being
the opportunistic bastard that I am, I enlisted the help of his
Dell 200mmx for the duration and it cranked out 266 kk/s all
weekend long. I am jealous that it cracks faster than my
SGI R5k 180mhz which only gets about 150kk/s.

I had forgotten that he was coming back yesterday.
He found me running stuff on his computer and being the clueless
person he is, I am now in the unfortunate position that because
1) I had done something to his computer that he didn't understand,
and 2) by virtue of having multiple degrees in computer science
I am supposed to know something about Windows95 (I must have
skipped that class and went to the pub), I am now forever
respnsible for anything that goes wrong with his computer. Damn!!
It would have been better if he didn't know.


p.s. He also nabbed me for drinking his last beer in the fridge.
I swear I was going to replace it before he got back!