RE: RC5 Slow creep to 200

CobraBoy! (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 11:19:48 -0800

At 9:41 AM -0800 12/2/97, Joe Barrera wrote:

> > yeah, we need more CPU's!
> I now have my old XT clone with replaced motherboard (80386/25Mhz) blazing
> along at 5 kkeys/sec.

Hey, wait a minute here. You're in a advanced Ms office. Chances are you
have all P-Pro's or dual P-Pro's there. You also are developing NT 5.0 or
whatever. So what better way to test the stability of NT 5 or whatever
you're doing than to have the RC5 client running full time in the
background. Now granted your P-Pro's don't have the raw power and stability
of my MacOS 8/PPC 300 but they stiill do a pretty respectable job. ;-)



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