Re: Fresh meat! (newbies)

Charles Kerr (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 23:38:14 -0600

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> > yeah, welcome. As members of FoRK it is your responsibility
> > to help us in our team effort to crack the RC5-64 key.
> Gawd, Tim. You are so single focussed. At least ask him
> what type of computer he has so we can ooo and ahhh over it.
> Greg

Sheesh. Okay, I'll be good new meat for a little while.
My Alpha's been needing something to do lately, anyway.
I have three computers in my office:

1) DEC Alpha 3000, OSF1 3.2 -- a meager 75kks
This machine's been setting idle for almost a month, so
dedicating it to the RC5-64 task sounds like a good idea.
I started it running a few minutes ago.

2) A Micron pentium pro 200, NT 4.0.3 -- 490kks
I use this for programming. I'll run bovine on nights
and weekends. I'll try running it a little while tomorrow
to see how badly it slows down my work -- my compiler
doesn't need any help to be slow. Bovine's cow icon in
the gutter is a cute, constant reminder of FoRK servitude. :)

3) A TI-99/4A. No RC5 client available -- an outrage!
If you want to hack an RC5 client for this machine
I'll be glad to dedicate it to the RC5-64 key. Having
the most pathetic computer in the game might be kind of


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