Re: Fresh meat! (newbies)

Charles Kerr (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 18:14:34 -0600

David Crook wrote:
> CobraBoy! wrote:
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> > At 9:38 PM -0800 12/3/97, Charles Kerr wrote:
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> > > 3) A TI-99/4A. No RC5 client available -- an outrage!
> > > If you want to hack an RC5 client for this machine
> > > I'll be glad to dedicate it to the RC5-64 key. Having
> > > the most pathetic computer in the game might be kind of
> > > fun.
> >
> > Well the funniest thing would be (since as we all actually know the RC5-64
> > *is* pretty much of a lottery) if it actually won!
> >
> > Great FoRKBuster sprit you have there. Welcome aboard.
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> > Tim
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> I'd help you on the porting effort, but I'm busy beta-testing my Timex
> Sinclair client. I had to strap on 4 memory expansion packs onto the
> back of the computer and modify the client so that it processes
> individual keys instead of blocks but it seems to be cranking away now.
> According to my estimates I should have my first block completed around
> Februrary!
> David Crook
> FoRK Newbie

Fooey. I actually DO have a TI in my office. So far it's been a
great paperweight, but I think it would be much sexier as a
paperweight/RC5 cracker.

I have some good news here. The TI port ran against a wall --
something's screwy with the math -- but I've managed to port the
"key" pieces to the HP 48SX calculator/remote control/tetris game
that I used in college. I pull the individual keys down to the HP,
run 'em, and send 'em back. Synchronization has to be done by
hand, and I've no idea how to integrate the results with bovine's
results, but don't let these fiddly bits interfere with the weight of
this breakthrough -- all we need is to find a cache of forgotten
48SXen behind a university bookstore somewhere and we'll really be
cookin' with gas.

FYI I refuse to pull the Vic 20 or "Woz" Apple IIGS out of mothballs.
I have _some_ dignity left. So it's the HP (and, if anyone wants
to finish the port, my TI) or nothing. I will, however, write an
applet that pulls keys from a web server, runs them, and sends back
the results if anyone wants to crack a bigtime web site.