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>KUCI's top 30 for December 1, 1997
>"your home for artist development!"
>1) Modest Mouse--The Lonesome Crowded West (Up)
>2) Jessamine--Another Fictionalized History (Histrionic)
>3) Kronos Quartet--Early Music (Nonesuch)
>4) Mogwai--Young Team (Jetset)
>5) Heaven Deconstruction--s/t (Mutant Sound System)
>6) Tsunami--A Brilliant Mistake (Simple Machines)
>7) Apples in Stereo--Tone Soul Evolution (SpinArt/Elephant 6)
>8) V/A--Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos (Sideburn)
>9) Donkey--I Ain't Your House-Nigger (Loveletter)
>10) Tony Conrad--Early Minimalism sampler (Table of the Elements)
>11) Cul de Sac & John Fahey--The Epiphany of Glenn Jones (ThirstyEar)
>12) Nurse With Wound--Acts of Senseless Beauty (United Dairies)
>13) Mika Vainio--Onko (Touch)
>14) Jen Wood--Getting Past The Static (WIN)
>15) Dead C--Tusk (Siltbreeze)
>16) Sun City Girls--Box of Chameleons (Abduction)
>17) Low--Songs for a Dead Pilot (Kranky)
>18) Tranquil--To Reach the Heavens... (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
>19) Hood--Structured Disasters (Happy Go Lucky)
>20) Butterglory--Rat Tat Tat (Merge)
>21) K-Group--s/t (Corpus Hermeticum)
>22) Shoestrings--Wishing on Planes (Le Grand Magistery)
>23) Jandek--I Woke Up (Corwood)
>24) V/A--Fuel (The Arena Rock Recording Co.)
>25) Loren Mazzacane Connors--Calloden Harvest (Road Cone)
>26) Interpreters--Back In The USSA
>27) Double U/Glands of External Secretion--s/t (VHF)
>28) Movietone--Day And Night (Drag City)
>29) Lynnfield Pioneers--Emerge (Matador)
>30) Bardo Pond--Lapsed (Matador)
>V/A--Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg (Tzadik)
>Jandek--I Woke Up (Corwood)
>Syuuka--Onna-Kodomo (Charnel Music)
>Watoo Watoo--Un Peu De Moi (Blackbean)
>Fells--s/t (Estrus)

Ever heard of a band called "Deep Blue Black"? (Dave, don't answer this.)
I don't follow that kind of music too much, but their stuff is pretty cool
and I think they've had a track or two played on UCI's radio station. Just

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