Re: Pretty Good Privacy Not Looking So Great

David Crook (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 16:10:11 -0800

Joe Barrera wrote:
> I'm curious. What would be the reaction if Microsoft bought PGP instead?

Since I'm already going to be at the front of the torch wielding mob
that is heading to Redmond when the revolution comes, this would only be
an addition to their large list of crimes. Those extra charges of
"Ripping tags off of mattresses" seem kind of minor compared to their
long history of "multiple homicide involving canabalism" level of crimes
that that have committed in the past and are doing now. I hope I'm not
coming across as too bitter here.

> Is it possible that Microsoft is *not* the ultimate evil?


Dave "IE has always been an intergral component of Windows, Oceania has
always been our Enemy" Crook