MIT Tech Review

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 13:39:10 -0800

Founded in 1889, Technology Review grew into a feisty venue
in which articles about undersea robots and "neural interfaces''
could run side-by-side with provocative salvos like Gar
Alperovitz's "Distributing Our Technological Inheritance.'' It
also raised the hackles of the entrepreneur-heavy readership
and MIT grads by pondering whether or not billionaires like
Bill Gates have the right to reap pharaonic fortunes for
commercial applications based on the breakthroughs of others.

My answer, sure, why not? Incidentally, this was posted by the
now up for sale Wired-Ventures crew. On another
note, What is the state of online publishing and what, incidentally,
have they done for us lately?