Re: Pretty Good Privacy Not Looking So Great

Keith Dawson (
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 12:27:51 -0500

At 8:28 PM -0500 12/5/97, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>Speaking of Orwell,
>I've been reading his collective essays. A lot of the fears and
>franticisms he raises are "your parent's fears" and don't necessarily
>seem all that valid in a 'post-industrial' society, i.e. the information
>age. We need a new Orwell for our time

Well, there's James Glieck. I've been paying attention
to his readings of trends since his cautionary Microsoft
article appeared around the time of Windows 95's launch.

Joe, this article (and its sidebar update) may not be to
your taste -- it sure wasn't to Bill's -- but look around
the site for his other writing. He's got good

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