RE: "But you guys-and with all due respect-are considered evil ba

Joe Barrera (
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 13:07:20 -0800

> If Microsoft had a clear technological vision - like the robber barons
> did - one could respect it and work around it. As it is, their goal
> seems to be merely to club everyone who stands in their way. Who can
> respect that?

I can't believe you are arguing that Mellon et. al. had more "technological
vision" than Microsoft. Microsoft has a fairly detailed technological vision
(although Tim might argue that Microsoft's vision was obtained by reading
FoRK :-). The basic theme has been to get information online, easier to
access, easier to use. Information At Your Fingertips was an earlier
statement of that vision; DNA is an updated version. Read, e.g., if you
actually care.

Oh, and by the way, what is Apple's grand technological vision? Mice and
bit-mapped displays? No, wait, you're actually going to be offering an
operating system with a time-sliced scheduler soon. I keep forgetting how
much of a technological lead Apple has over Microsoft...

- Joe

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