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Joe Barrera (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 08:38:51 -0800

Well, it's probably about time to put this thread out of our misery :-) Just
a couple points, in bullet form:

1. Religion and sexual orientation have historically been considered
matters of choice. (E.g. for religion, look at Great Britain's history.)
Yes, theoretically, anyone working at Microsoft can just start working for
some other company. In practice, this means moving to a different state
(e.g. California) with the subsequent distance from friends, job search for
one's working spouse, changing schools for the kids, and generally a
substantial drop in the standard of living (e.g. less house for more money).
And for what? Not because Microsoft is actually *doing* anything evil, but
simply because it is *perceived* as being evil.

2. The primary reason I work at Microsoft is because I want to get new
and better technologies out to the market where they can be used. Having
lived through the Unix wars of the 80's, and in particular having worked
hard at getting new technologies (e.g. Mach 3 and NORMA Mach) into OSF/1, in
the na´ve belief that OSF/1 was finally "the" "unified" Unix, I decided
this time around to place a safer bet and work with Microsoft. When I
joined, I didn't actually see Microsoft expanding into the Enterprise market
- I thought I was leaving the "big machines" behind for the sake of making
an impact - but I thought the tradeoff was worth it.

Okay, so those were pretty big bullets, sorry...

- Joe

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