Re: Warts and All, Fans Stand Up for Their Toad

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 09:57:37 -0800

Re: Michael Jackson
> I sincerely doubt it. They're putting something else there I think.

Rohit says it's Captain EO (spelling?) and they dismantled it
a long time ago. Funny thing, I can remember having been on Star Tours,
but for the life of me, I can't remember when or with who. Then again,
I can't ever remember believing in Santa Claus either. I guess that
happens when you get old. My top 10:

0) Pirates of the Caribean
1) Haunted House
2) Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
3) Star Tours
4) Space Mountain
5) Matterhorn
6) Submarine ride
7) the rocketship one that's like the Dumbo ride
8) Jungle Boat
9) It's a Small World

What? No pictures?