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Joe Barrera (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 20:12:06 -0800

Hey, no problem... just write your own plug-in :-)


The first thing you need to do is to get Netscape's Plug-In SDK, if you
haven't already. The SDK includes header files, examples with source code,
documentation, and a Java runtime interface. It is available free of charge
from Netscape's Web site ( For this example, you need
only the header files.

After you get the SDK, create a new project with Visual C++. Begin the
project name with NP and create a Windows DLL without using the Microsoft
Foundation Classes (MFC). Avoiding MFC reduces a plug-in's size
considerably, saving download time for your prospective users.

Once the DLL is created, insert a version resource into your project. Change
the block-header properties' code page to Windows Multilingual by
double-clicking on the Block Header box. You can add the plug-in-specific
resource information directly to the version resource by opening the .rc
file as text and adding the resource keys MIMEType, FileExtents, and
FileOpenName. For this example, the added resource entries look like this:


- Joe

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