Re: Blatant self-promotional garbage

Mike Masnick (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 11:20:10 -0500

At 06:55 AM 12/9/97 -0800, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>I tried to track it down). You should make a little java
>ticker tape applet that people can put on their page or run
>along the bottom of their screen that just spits out this
>posting. You can call it a techie poor man's pointcast.

Ooooh. I like it. I think that may be a project for next semester. I'm
currently working on a few professors to get someone to give me 3 credits
next semester to continue writing that thing (not that I wouldn't do it
otherwise, but why not get credit for it?). Maybe I'll add that to the
project description to make it sound like it requires more work...