Bust FoRKers

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I can't even begin to tell you the problems I have had at joining
FoRKBusters. I have probably tried 25 times during the past week to join
and the stats server is never working. The one time that I got close, I
entered in the Team# 1146 and hit enter and got

"Stats is down..."


I thought I got the correct RC5-64 client for Solaris but with a
discrepency like that, it looks like I did something wrong.


Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@gambetta.ics.uci.edu) on 12/9/97 3:34 PM

>Are you ever going to join the FoRKBusters!!
>Anyways, the Ultra-1 is a 64 bit machine that balances
>integer ops with floating point ops. A 32-bit integer
>shift is *not* a good measure of speed. Also, Clay's Ultra-1
>is getting 273,000 keys per second, so are you sure you
>are running the right client?
> > The PowerMac 8600 generates about 650,000 keys per second.
> > The PowerMac G3/233 generates about 750,000 keys per second.
> > The Ultra-1 generates about 36,000 keys per second.
> >
> > Pretty amazing!
> >
> > Ken

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