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Chemistry 105.

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Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> I am assuming you are intermixing idioms.
> Global Warming:
> It's in the December 4th Wall Street Journal; it was a
> featured article "Science Has Spoken: Global Warming is a Myth"
> by Arthur Robinson and Zarchary Bobinson, Chemists at the Oregon
> Institute of Science and Medicine. The have a Web page, and
> also AR publishes home school curiccula through the institute,
> and a former research director at the Linus Pauling Institute.
> They are considered fringe scientists, but got the attention
> of the WSJ. No link is available as it's a pay-per-view online
> service and I am too cheap to pay for bits.
> Cold Fusion:
> This is interesting, they have a Cold Fusion markup language
> that simple returns everythign that was processed before it,
> but I am assuming you mean promising alternate nuclear power
> that doesn't involve jettisoning hot rods out into space
> or deep sea for 10k+ years to avoid the (perceived)
> resulting damage to the atmosphere. Martin Fleischman and Stanly
> Pons are generally discredited for their discovery, although
> they are now very rich men working in their new research
> lab in France trying to make batteries.
> Effect of Greenhouse Gases on Global Warming:
> UCI Department of Chemistry's F. Sherwood Rowland, Bren
> Professor of Chemistry and founding chair of the department.
> Much of the work on global warming is founded on atmospheric
> and chemical change.
> Go back and tell your teacher we know all the answers, you
> just have to get the questions right.
> Greg
> > Sophie,
> >
> > The FoRK archive lives at
> >
> > Although I've never heard of it as a "dude". It's a hive mind, really.
> > And no, it probably won't be too helpful for answering further questions --
> > everything it knows is already hidden in those 6,000 messages... But you never
> > know. Perhaps one of its tentacles will be moved to wax lyrical on nuclear
> > warming :-)
> >
> > Yours,
> > Rohit
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Thank you very much for your reply. It seems you think the same way I
do about my questions in Chemistry 105. Thanks for all your time spent
on my question.

Happy Holidays

Sophie Ainsworth

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