What's new on the Web by CNN

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@gambetta.ICS.uci.edu)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 08:50:22 -0800

CNN special on Web stuff.

Top 10 hits for '98: Greg says

Dynamic HTML Very cool, but still a limited programming lang.
New Domains .gab here I come!
Metered Bandwidth Maybe only for WorldCom, the rest maybe not
Cable Convergence TV people still don't know what the Web's for.
Rich Ads Things go better with Pepsi? Iced VRML
The Big Chill The HTML Chase, Cigar Afic. lawyers shut mine down.
Whoever taught them to use search engs should be shot
Middlemen Have your agent call my agent and we'll do lunch.
Digital Detente CDA, copyright, encryption. Someody ought to
tell congress about these things and make laws
based on fact rather than hearsay.
Cybercommerce Two words: Christmas Shopping!!!!
Web standards HTML grows up, HTTP gets faster, WebDAV
gets no respect.

Top 10 misses in '97

Push I just know pointcast will go public, you just wait.
Windows CE Plan9 and JavaOS weren't enough to kill it?
56K Finally settled on a standard by secret vote yesterday
Cable Modem I am still waiting for mine, 33Mbs, 1Q'98!!
Web-TV $300 for a non-upgradable 486?
Net Magazines I hear Wired Ventures is still for sale.
Apple's Demise What hasn't been said about this already?
Mac Clones Like 70's disco, I hear they're making a comeback
E-Cash What's wrong with American Express?
Comdex '96 Playboy models don't quit their day jobs.