Re: Microsoft perceived as bastards, Intel are saints

Charles Kerr (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:07:12 -0600

Joe Barrera wrote:

> Are you really claiming that Microsoft has a hard time
> finding partners? Such a claim is easy to refute.
> Or are you simply asserting that companies partnering with
> Microsoft are driven by different (darker) motivations than
> those partnering with Intel? If so, how do you substantiate
> this assertion?

I wasn't making any assertions at all; it was a quote from
the article. That's why it was indented and followed a
source URL. Next time I'll add quote marks. :)

The article clearly didn't say MS can't find partners;
it said that the ones it can find were "ignorant, blind with
greed, or they feel they have no choice". If you find these
to be dark motivations, so be it.