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> 10 Minute Guide to Interviewing Questions at Microsoft
> by Rohit Kare and David Crook
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Chapter 1: Be Remembered

The key to interviewing at Microsoft is that they interview many
qualified applicants. Microsoft has a policy of hiring only outstanding
people, therefor you want to stand out as much as possible.

The interviewers have been trained to ignore and disregard applicants
that would be considered ordinary. Sure they will take resumes, ask
questions and other things to make the applicant feel good, but in fact
they made up their mind as soon as the applicant walked in the door.
Don't let this be you.

You have to stand out. Be someone they remember. Instead of the same
drab old interview suit, try one of these eye catching alternatives.

1) Wear a "Fuck Microsoft" tshirt, shorts and sandals. This tells them
that you are a serious hacker type with an attitude. This is the
quality that they are looking for. Really.

2) Don't bathe for a week and go for the insane homeless person thing.

3) The nude interview. Make sure to mention that you think people who
wear clothes must have some psychological problem that makes them
unconfortable with their bodies.

The point of this chapter is simple, be remembered or be forgotten.

Dave "... and when they call for security, its just because they are so
impressed with you that they want to introduce you to everybody at
Microsoft, don't be alarmed" Crook

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