Not his lucky day.

Jay Thomas (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:20:21 -0500

Man, this guy couldn't catch a break.

Medical helicopter crash in Colo. kills 4

A medical evacuation helicopter picking up a car accident victim late
Sunday night in a Denver
suburb ran into high-voltage power lines and crashed, killing all four
people on board, officials
said. The Columbia Airlife helicopter was on its way to Denver Health
Medical Center when it
crashed, killing the car accident victim, two female nurses and the
male pilot. Mike O'Connor of
the Federal Aviation Administration in Seattle said Monday it appeared
the pilot may not have
seen the power lines as he was taking off. The National Transportation
Safety Board would
investigate the cause of the accident, he said. One person died in the
four-car accident in
Littleton, Colo. Six victims were taken by ambulance to area hospitals
and one was being
evacuated by ambulance. Electric power was cut to some homes in the

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