25 of the Net's most influential unsung heroes

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@gambetta.ICS.uci.edu)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:39:18 -0800

I wonder what their methodology is? Where's the magnificient
trio of Roy, Jim, and Rohit? 8-)


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Inter@ctive WeekDecember 8, 1997

The Top 25 Unsung Heroes Of The Net

It's easy to pick the 25 most influential people on the Internet, as
Inter@ctive Week did last year. Putting Bill Gates, Jim Barksdale or
Vinton Cerf on a list of technology elite requires little sweat or
brainwork. But, this year, we set out to find 25 men and women who
have had great impact on the development of the Net as we know it -
but who themselves are not widely known.

(*) = Greg's blessings
(!) = WTFO?

1. Thomas Baker
Business Director ,The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

Good information, I hate paying for bits, though.

2. Brian Behlendorf (*)
Initiator, Apache Group

No Duh.

3. Sabeer Bhatia (!)
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President, Hotmail Corp

Any graphical email client that doesn't handle text line
wrapping at 80 characters should be put out of it's misery.

4. Hans-Werner Braun (*)
Research Scientist, University of California at San Diego

Sure. I wish he would lend some support to FoRKBusters.

5. David D. Clark (*)
Senior Research Scientist, Laboratory for Computer
Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6. Mark Coblitz
Vice President, Strategic Planning, Comcast Corp.

Cable modems are cool, has anyone seen one yet?

7. Dan Connolly (*)
Leader, World Wide Web Consortium's Architecture Domain

No Duh, also.

8. Peter Deutsch
President, Bunyip Information Systems Inc.

Archie grows up and forms a company.

9. David Gee (!)
Worldwide Program Director, AlphaWorks and Java
Marketing IBM Software Solutions Division

Anyone with marketing in their title, especially at Big Blue

10. David Gross
Director of Network Engineering, @Home Network Corp.

11. Jonathan Heiliger
Chief Technology Officer, GlobalCenter Inc.

Oooo, fast Victoria Selvstedt downloads.

12. Brian Horey (!)
President, New York New Media Association

Another VC takes credit for the tech they fund.

13. C. Tycho Howle (*)
Chairman, Harbinger Corp.

E-commerce is cool, I did all my Christmas shopping online this year.

14. Beatriz Infante (!)
Executive Vice President, Application Server
Division Oracle Corp.

I don't know, any company that loses 1/3 of their value
in a day and then blames it on the Asian markets and
not their NC strategy makes me wince. What do you get when
you spend lots of money making cool software just to throw
it in the trash (i.e. Taligent)? A promotion to Oracle, of course.

15. Eric Johnson (!)
Director, Supply Chain Management, Fruit of the Loom Inc.

Okay, so I wear the underwear, that doesn't make them influential
in net technology. If you were going to pick a company that
did, I'd pick WIT Capital, the micro-brewery that went up against
the SEC and now can offer IPOs and raise stock directly
to the public instead of through a broker.

16. Robert E. Kahn, Ph.D (*)
Chief Executive Officer and President
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

No Duh, III.

17. Paul Mockapetris, Ph.D (*)
Chief Technical Officer, Software.com Inc.

You guys aren't dead like me (30) so you probably don't
remember when SMTP was all the rage and the protocol du jour.

18. Steve Mott
Senior Vice President, Electronic Commerce/New
Ventures MasterCard International Inc.

There's got to be a better way. If this E-commerce
thing takes off like they say (8-)) definitely invest in credit and
delivery companies.

9. Michael M. Roberts (*)
Retiring Director, Internet2 project

They'll never hook up UCI. Internet2 is only 100bT.
I want my giganet. I am still waiting for you guys to
put your heads together and come up with WWW/2.

20. Marshall T. Rose, Ph.D
Technical Adviser, Office of the Chairman First Virtual Corp.

The Virtual Enterprise is a subject very dear to my heart, in
fact I think I am writing a thesis on the subject. I am not
so sure that video conferencing and email are the only things
you need to accomplish this. You can execute Java bytecode
with a Turing machine also, but why would you want to?

21. Peter Solvik
Vice President and Chief Information Officer Cisco Systems Inc.

See comment 11).

22. Jay M. Tenenbaum, Ph.D
Founder and Chairman, CommerceNet

Those Stanford guys get all the credit. I think Commerce Dept
didn't overturn the rule allow online purchasing until '92,
but Matin Greenberger's response to Vannevar Bush's article
I think had something to say about electronic commerce about
25 years before the 1989 date cited.

23.Arthur Van Hoff (*)
Chief Technology Officer, Marimba Inc.

Marimba is cool. Java is cool. Van Hoff is cool.

24. David Wetherell (!)
President and Chief Executive Officer, CMG
Information Services Inc.

Direct marketing is just another code word for multi-level

25. Stephen Wolff
Executive Director, Advanced Internet Initiatives
Division Cisco Systems Inc.

NSF is cool. I think they should just pick up and move
MIT and the Research Triangle Park out to the technology
coast. In the words of Jim Morrison "The West is the best,
the West is the best, get here and we'll do the rest."