Guess who's coming to dinner spam

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:17:59 -0800

In the interest of making sure you all
are getting enough spam in your diet, another
list of science and tech pioneers who
were honored along with Cerf/Kahn.


o Norman Augustine, chairman of Lockheed Martin
Corporation and a professor at Princeton University.

Big Democratic donor.

o Ray Dolby, chairman of the board of Dolby Laboratories Inc.


o Robert Ledley of the National Biomedical Research
Foundation at Georgetown University
Medical Center, who invented the computed
tomography (CT) scanner and prenatal tests.

Yes, cool stuff.

o Darleane Hoffman of the University of
California, Berkeley, who discovered plutonium in nature.

And the world, was a better place. Berkely huh? I wonder
how she discovered it and what sort of nature?

o Robert Weinberg of the Whitehead Institute for
Biomedical Research and the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, who helped discover
cancer genes such as ras, which convert normal
cells into out-of-control cancer cells.

Other than commenting on the Whitehead Institute,
I would like to relate a story that I read on GMSV.
Two scientists at DOW chemical were working on their
respective chemical modelings, one for cancer research
one for weed killers. One sat down at the wrong terminal
in their lab and found that their chemical makeups
were extremely similar. They are now testing weed killers
as cancer cures as it seems to kill tumors as well as

o Shing-Tung Yau of Harvard University, a
mathematician noted for work in areas as diverse
as relativity and string theory.

Yes, but can you trade commodity options with it? Whatever
happened to the person who created Buckey balls?

o Harold Johnston of the University of
California, Berkeley, who first warned of holes
in the earth's protective ozone layer.

Berkeley and ozone layer. They go good together.
Of course, I'd rather have a Nobel prize than a
Presidential honor.

o The late Martin Schwarzchild of Princeton
University, who helped develop theories about how stars evolve.

Have you guys seen 2010? I like the line "I see stars".

o Marshall Rosenbluth of the University of
California, San Diego, a physicist helping lead
the search for the ultimate source of power - nuclear fusion.

Pons and Fleischman were ran out of the country for proposing this
as a laughing stock. Poor guys.

o James Watson of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
who with Francis Crick modeled DNA's double
helix and helped launch the Human Genome
Project, which is mapping every gene in the human body.

Watson and Crick. This guy deserves major kudos. I'd list
this as one of the major discoveries of the last millenium.
Human Genome mapping sounds almost as fun as RC5-64. I wonder
if they have a client for it?

o William Estes of Harvard University, credited
for transforming the field of cognitive psychology.

Hopefully for the better. This isn't the guy that modelled
insanity and hate so that you can impose harsher judicial sentencing
is it?

o George Wetherill of the Carnegie Institution of
Washington, who developed theories on how planets like Earth formed.

God created it?