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Slight delay in my response here, as I got about 500 messages behind in
my trips to Geneva and Tokyo (I'm flying back now, with the 1st class

I cannot recommend highly enough the book A Random Walk Down Wall Street
by Malkiel. He will give you a fascinating explanation of most of what
you're curious about with financial markets. And, at the end of the
book, he'll explain why you should put most of your money in indexed
mutual funds (especially http:/, which rocks) and then
maybe have a little fun with some individual stocks on the side (makes
reading the WSJ interesting).

Joe, I recommend this book so highly I'd be happy to purchase it for

- dan

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> -----Original Message----- > From: Joe Barrera [] > Sent: Monday, November 10, 1997 6:26 PM > To: > Cc: Joe Barrera > Subject: investment advice? > > So I decided it was finally time to diversify, so I sold some MSFT > options > and now I'm look for new places to put the money, probably mostly in > mutual > funds, with a fair portion in overseas funds. First I started looking > on > the web at particular companies ( <> >, <>, etc.) and > then at > summary pages ( <>, > <>, > <>, which is fine but > I'm > sure that someone on this list has gone through all this before. Well, > okay, > of COURSE Adam has a zillion "finance" links. But as Nillson observed > in > "The Point", a web page that points everywhere isn't much better than > one > that doesn't point anywhere at all... > > I guess what I'm really asking is, what's your philosophy on > investing? Any > insights or useful experience? Anyone want to argue that mutual funds > are > for wimps and I should invest everything in WorldCom? :-) > > - Joe > > Joseph S. Barrera III <> > <> > Phone, Office: (415) 778-8227; Cellular: (415) 601-3719; Home: (415) > 588-4801 > The opinions expressed in this message are my own personal views and > do not > reflect the official views of Microsoft Corporation.