Re: He Lost Karma

I Find Karma (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 17:00:55 -0800

Joe Barrera writes:
> What the hell happened to him, anyway?

I got depressed that you thought I had too many finance links, and decided to
spend the last three months getting to know my fiancee.

> Did I miss the memorial service? (I don't remember receiving an invitation)

That's because I was cremated. Kiss my ash.

> Is Rohit's dieting to blame? Or his move to UCI?

Yes, Rohit went on a diet and lost 300+ pounds. Me. :)

> Did the Karma Police finally arrest him for buzzing like a fridge? (Hell, I
> do that, am I next???)

Isn't life a lot better when FoRK is quiet???


Here's how Steve views the current situation at Apple: It's as if Apple
is an old fiancee from college that Steve met again at a 20-year class
reunion. Steve is happily married now with children, and has a great
life. When he meets his old girlfriend again, she's an alcoholic and is
running around with a bad crowd and has made a mess of her life. Even
so, in his mind's eye, he still sees the beautiful woman he once thought
was the love of his life. So what's he supposed to do? Of course, he
doesn't want to marry her anymore, but he can't just walk away, because
he still cares about her. So he puts her in a detox program and tries to
help her meet a better class of friends and hopes for the best.
-- Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, on the return on Apple Computer
co-founder Steve Jobs to his old company