New authoring tool ditches HTML

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Fri, 19 Dec 1997 10:27:08 -0800

By Andrea Dudrow (

FFM Software Inc. in December unveiled NetPulser, a Web
development tool that the company hopes
will take the HTML out of Web authoring.

The vector-based authoring tool creates Web sites entirely in
Java, the company said. With NetPulser,
users can import existing HTML files as well as animated
GIFs, JPEG images, ASCII text and .AU
sound files.

The package includes basic drawing tools as well as the
capability to create Bezier, spline and B-spline
curves. The software also supports wireframe and surface
rendering and interpolations for lines and
paths. Users can animate objects over paths using a time line.

Other features include object alignment tools, automatic
folder and subfolder creation, automatic file
transfer to Web servers, and support for up to 255 pages in
one Web site file. In addition, NetPulser
can assign actions to objects in order to control their behavior.

NetPulser is currently available for Windows; the company
said it expects to ship the Mac version
later this month. A public beta of the Mac version is
available from the company's Web site. FFM
Software said the Mac version alone will cost $267.

FFM Software Inc. of Fremont, Calif., can be reached at (510)
623-2336; fax (510) 623-8951;;


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