Re: Smut Quickens Hearts At Cable Show

David Crook (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 15:16:18 -0800

CobraBoy! wrote:
> By Christopher Stern
> ANAHEIM, Calif. (Variety) - Cable operators kicked off the annual
> Western Show convenstion here by publicly fretting about the coming
> political backlash, as cable modem subscribers begin high-speed
> downloading of Internet smut onto their bigscreen TV sets in their living
> rooms.

My God! Someone has to stop this. Imagine, people getting PORN sent
staight to to televisions sets over coax cable. Satan and his godless
communist lackies must be behind this! I personally am going to start a
campaign to get this kind of smut wiped off the face of the earth
forever. That is right after my four hour block of "The Spice Channel"
is over, gotta get my $5.95 pay-per-view moneys worth.

Seriously though, if the cable modem manufactures want to get the cable
companies on board with the cable modem thing pronto, all they have to
do is figure out how to make it so that the cable company gets 10 bucks
every time the customer wants to download dirty pictures for a few
hours. I'm sure all those moral qualms will suddenly go away.

Dave "Hey look, I wrote an entire message that didn't write a single bad
thing about microsoft :-)" Crook

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