Re: Reponse to questions you asked last spring regarding a Ph.D. student.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 13:44:59 -0800

JJSalley writes:
> I did a search for Dijkstras algorithm and I was amused by this web page:

Ah yes, the unbridled searchability of mailing lists on the Web has made
me the cynic I am today. And then some. :)

> Last year the man you mentioned went to school with me. He has
> transfered to another school in Texas to continue study computer
> science. I have found the similar problem with many other students
> in the area.

Interesting, me too.

> Many students with advanced degrees come to the US and are told that a
> computer science degree will help them recieve a good paying job.
> Unfortunately, these students do not love the field and they tend to take
> short-cuts when doing their work.

I guess the world is filled with all types, eh?

> Some possible answers to your questions....
> > 1. This person has a PhD, why can't he figure it out himself?
> Many times foreign students with a masters call it a Ph.D.

And they're allowed to do this? Karma police, arrest this man!!

You know, if I were a foreign student, my two masters would mean
I have two PhDs -- making me a paradox!

(insert groan here)

> I found it very hard to beleve that he had a Ph.D. as well.

Good, then I'm not crazy.

> > 2. He's offered me no monetary compensation whatsoever. Does he
> > think my time is worth nothing?
> It costs him nothing to ask.

True. If I do nothing else in my life, I'm going to fix the pricing
model so that it DOES cost people to ask, to spam, to be clueless, etc.
It's such a pity that stupidity isn't physically painful to the carrier.

> > 3. He gives me no reason why he's ASKING ME to do his work for him.
> > Hello? Why not ask someone in his organization?
> He didn't ask anyone because that question was a homework question last spring.

Makes sense. Why violate the honor code at home when you can do it on
the Net?

> Good luck on finals!!!

Thanks. And good luck with... well, whatever it is you're doing. :)


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