Monterey, CA January 5-8 (was Re: Flamewar!!)

I Find Karma (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 16:53:26 -0800

An aside: Rohit, JoeK, and I will all be in Monterey January 5-8
(at the Marriott Hotel) if anyone wants to visit. Rumor has it
JoeB is considering coming down, too... :)

Ron Resnick writes:
> Very funny stuff Adam. See? I _told_ you FoRK could get better
> if you got back in the game!

Not better. Just differently-abled. :)

> >} [ ] Over 97% of your post was quoted from a previous post
> >} [ ] Over 97% of your post was quoted from a previous post and your
> >} addition was "I agree" or "Me too"
> Wow. Were these actually in the original form? Or did you add them in?

I added them to see if anyone was paying attention.

> That would be too eerie if they just happened to use the number 97%
> don't you think?

Yeah, no one seems to use the number 97 except us and the wall:

> >} [ ] you discussed the following in a non-nutcase newsgroup;
> >} [ ] hollow earth theory [ ] alien President theory
> >} [ ] orbital mind control frisbees [ ] faith healing
> >} [ ] government weather control [ ] Russian psychics
> >} [ ] Squeaky Fromme [ ] robot spy bees
> >} [ ] sexually promiscuous space aliens [ ] "Manos, the Hands of Fate"
> >} [ ] dieting [ ] dating [X] RC5-64 [ ] Other:
> FoRK is a "non-nutcase" newsgroup?? :-)

You gotta remember that everything is relative...

> Robot spy bees might be fun. Especially vast swarms of them.
> I'd like to hear more about the orbital mind control frisbees too, if
> anyone has a link.

Watchit, I may have to flame you, dude...

> So are we officially flaming now? Can I get my digs in?

When have we ever NOT aired our grievances? We're the most self-complaining
group I've met since... well, my family...

> This stupid list has been wasting away for months now.
> There's almost no bits. There's very little news, other than the stuff you can
> get just as easily on msnbc or infoworld. There's not much humour or
> high level mocking.

Would it help to know that the universe has been mocking Rohit in an
abstract, non-listy sort of way?

> The fun people who used to contribute a lot have all pretty much been
> driven underground by the crap that passes for traffic around here.

Basically, what you're saying is that the contribution pool could use
some chlorine?

> Remind me - what phase is this list in? Oh yeah, mouldy
> and covered in cobwebs :-(

Yes, welcome to the world-wide cobweb.

> Three cheers!!! Adam is back!

Um. You come to praise Caesar with a salad dressing bearing his name,
not to bury him?

Okay, then Ron, what do YOU think of when you hear the words "object model"?


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