The Microsoft issue

CobraBoy! (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 15:45:22 -0800

I just don't get Ms's actions. Last night I watched Steve Ballmer and this
morning Ron somebody the C.O.O of Ms stating that if Internet Exploder is
uninstalled Win'95/NT ceases to function. The guy talking to Ballmer said,
I use Netscape and I don't have any problems, to which Ballmer said, "if
you uninstall _every_ file installed by Exploder Win 95 becomes a totally
unstable OS" (sic)

Ron whatever literally said the same thing without the _every file_.

So this is my point. Ms has a lot of enemy's. It seems to me their defense
is bad. Their admitting that they built Win95/NT to crash without Exploder.
It shouldn't be to hard to get McNealy/McCraken to say their lying. Also,
don't these guys understand who their fucking with? Mike Milliken broke no
existing laws. None, the laws he went to jail for were implemented after he
had been doing his thing for a number of years. All he did was find a hole
in the system and go for it.

It seems to me that if Ms doesn't wise up, some of their execs might be
headed to club Fed.

Maybe Bill will just come out and tell everybody to buy Mac's. ;-)



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