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Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:01:42 -0800

At 4:33 PM -0800 12/22/97, I Find Karma wrote:

> > Mike Milliken broke no existing laws. None, the laws he went to jail
> > for were implemented after he had been doing his thing for a number
> > of years. All he did was find a hole in the system and go for it.
> Mike Milliken forgot the golden rule: when you make a lot of money, be sure
> to give the boys in the local, state, and federal governments a cut so they
> will pull strings for you so everyone will leave you alone.

my point exactly. Ms hasn't exactly lined anyones palms.

> > It seems to me that if Ms doesn't wise up, some of their execs might be
> > headed to club Fed.
> Naw, they can buy their way out of any trouble they might get in.

nope, not with the Feds.

> > Maybe Bill will just come out and tell everybody to buy Mac's. ;-)
> Will that be before or after Microsoft out-and-out buys Apple?

More surprises in store at the Keynote MacWorld with the Steve and Billy show.

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