Re: duck?

David Crook (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 18:59:38 -0800

Ron Resnick wrote:
> No I mean like _originally_ written fun stuff, like things duck, JoeB,
> Wayne, Adam and others have been noted for in the past.
> Eg, *this* is a good humourous, mocking FoRKpost:
> Anyone seen anything like that around here lately?
> (I said 'not much', since there is some. E.g. Dave
> Crook shows great potential for that old-style FoRK fun, although
> he has a thing or two to learn about self-describing typed bits :)

Ugh, please, don't ever, ever, ever, ever state, allude to or even hint
that my presense somehow someplace or something better. That very
concept makes me ill. I live my life by a code of conduct where I am a
negative factor in every equation. I am the bringer of darkness,
sarcasm, apathy and negativity. My purpose in life is to mock
everything worth a damn. George Carlin is my own personal saint and I
truly believe in his vision of "Fuck Hope". If ever Tony Robbins and I
were to meet, the metaphysical shockwave caused by the clashing of our
philosophies would probably crush the minds of 97% for miles around.

Dave "Nope, doing 4-5 in aerospace didn't make me bitter or anything"

David Crook
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