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CobraBoy! (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 09:14:40 -0800

Sun's planned January 13 workstation introductions in more detail (a
$20,000 Ultra 60
multiprocessor with advanced graphics is also due):

1.Darwin Ultra 5 (under $5000), Ultra 10 (under $10,000)
2.3 or 4 PCI slots
3.UltraSparc IIi at 270 or 300 MHz
5.4GB (UltraSCSI?) disk
6."breakthrough graphics performance"
7.10/100 Ethernet
8."packet-switched crossbar architecture"/1.6GB bandwidth
9.Solaris 2.6 with Desktop Extensions, Java virtual machine and Netscape
10.Run PC applications via PCI DOS card due next summer, SoftWindows 95 or
Ntrigue application server;
print and file server integration with PC networks


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