Re: [Fwd: I'm not sure what the X11 interface looks like.]

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 10:32:40 -0800

> yeah, in *all* seriousness scan the FoRK archive. The N64 development
> system is a board that goes into your SGI (Pre NT) they took Linux and blew
> a cart and had it running on a N64 (with screen shot)
I've been talking to both the Italians and Nintendo about
1) getting a N64 card for my O2, 2) getting a linux cartridge
for my N64, and 3) putting PCMCIA slots into their 64DD. I am
stuck in 'do not pass go' phase.

> p.p.s. Also on one of those talk shows yesterday, one of the talking heads
> said that Washington is just getting warmed up over Ms.

Bob Dole says "I know Bob Dole, and Bob Dole's not going to tolerate
[this]". I think what finally started scaring people is when BillG
started talking about the phone companies going away. I for one will
be happy to see this, but I was kind of hoping someone other than
Microsoft was going to step up to the plate and shoot that bird on a hot
tin roof.