RE: Tyson and Espy?

Robert S. Thau (
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 15:54:01 -0500 (EST)

Joe Barrera writes:
> Not only is this a great quote (mincemeat indeed), but it provides another
> example of the misconception shared by the folks in Oregon who blew up the
> whale at the beach - that when you blow up an animal, it magically vaporizes
> (instead, say, turning into huge gross stinking maggot-infested chunks of
> meat).

Not necesarily. They could just view the new problem (a field full of
dangerous stuff --- rotting CJD-infested meat --- which will be taken
away by predators, insects and fungi in a year, making a lot of them
and some humans really sick) as being a good trade for the old problem
(a field full of dangerous stuff --- land mines --- which will blow
people up for as long as they last, which is basically forever).

That said, it seems better to come up with something more mechanical
which will blow up into less dangerous pieces; I heard something on
the BBC a few weeks ago about a gizmo put together from metal tubing
and caster wheels called the "dervish" which was designed to be
affordable even on a third-world-government budget...