Fast company mag: worth a try?

Dan Connolly (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 20:14:40 -0600

I got on another mailing list (surface mail) somehow.
This one's got me pegged. I got an offer for a free
issue of a magazine:

one of the endorsements is fairly compelling:

"I experiment with many of the conepts in
your magazine--from your advice on time
management to your discussions of chaos
theory. I'd like to report that your 'crazy'
ideas actually work. Fast Company, you rule
the news!"

-Vince Wicker
Global Marketing Mgr.
Mindspring Enterprises

(not to be confused with mainspring)

Whaddya think? Is it worth sending in the reply
card to get a free issue? (the downside, of course,
being the burden of unsubscribing.)