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DianeNYC about 6:21 AM -0800 on 1/4/98, came up with this:

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> <<Diane,
> The orgasm pill is, as you can guess still in a very experimental stage.
> Also we are very concerned about addictive behavior as Adam describes.
> Please reply with your age, height, weight, brief medical history, and the
> *usual* type of orgasm you experience. Also the frequency of your orgams,
> and their magnitude. You reply will be entered into the FoRK database and
> shared with my colleagues. We will then make the determination as to your
> qualifactions to receive the pill.
> Thank you for your interest,
> Dr. Timothy R. Byars
> Orgasm Addiction and Research Center
> P.S. In your reply be a specific as possible to help myself and my
> colleagues make our determination.>>
> Dear Dr. Timothy R. Byars,
> I am not interested in taking the pill...although, it would be fun to
> experiment with it...I am interested in the medicinal purposes of orgasm
> because I am in the profession of holistic massage and overall holisitic
> wellness and I wondered if the orgasm could prove significant help to the
> recovery of diseases internally. Are there certain chemicals released in the
> body that could help fight disease?
> I look forward to your response,
> Diane


claim of "fun" is certaintly valid, your background in holisitic wellness
would be invaluable to us in our research. We are in need of experienced
health care professionals such as yourself for a more analytical
observation of the effects of the OP.

As far as your question of orgasm helping in the recovery of disease, it
has been well documented the effects of "positive" stimulus has on recovery
and prevention of disease in the body. I recommend using a search engine
such as Alta Vista or Metacrawler ( to search
for research on this subject. Start with keywords such as, positive stress,
+disease+relaxation, mind body connection, etc.

Again, we ask you to answer the questions previously provided so we can get
you into the FoRK database and review your acceptability to our program. We
don't require essay answers, but we do ask you to be specific and detailed
in your answers.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. Timothy R. Byars