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Tue, 6 Jan 1998 04:52:52 -0800

*** Sex toy claim leads to airport drug bust

A man who refused to have his luggage inspected at an airport on
grounds it contained a sex toy was arrested when authorities found
$50,000 worth of marijuana inside his bags, police said Monday. Sgt.
Joe Reilly of the San Francisco Police said Kenneth Castor, 39, was
arrested Saturday after trying to carry 2 duffel bags with him on
board a flight to Honolulu. Guards at the security checkpoint spotted
something unusual in the X-ray scan of his bags and asked to search
them, but Castor refused. The guards called police after Castor
grabbed his bags and marched back through the metal detector. See

smuggling pot _into_ Hawaii? or just taking over some bud for recreational use?


p.s. figure just around 7 or so pounds worth at $50K


Of the 588,963 marijuana-related arrests made in 1995, approximately 86 percent (503,350) were for simple possession. "These new FBI statistics indicate that one marijuana user is arrested every 54 seconds in America." -NORML News Release

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