Today's Mixed Metaphor of the Month

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 08:33:41 -0800

> Analysts said Microsoft's initiative will pose the first serious threat to
PalmPilot, but note
> that Palm Computing executives have a history of holding out against
> rivals. "This is where we find out if [they] have their act together
better than other
> companies that have fallen between Microsoft's crosshairs," said Mike
Maguire, a
> mobile computing industry analyst at DataQuest Inc. in San Jose, Calif.

Speaking of palmtops, has anyone here ever played with the (now
discontinued) HP OmniGo palmtops? (
<> ) It has a keyboard, but the keyboard
can swing behind the display so that you can use the screen by itself like a
Pilot. (It even uses graffiti like the Pilot.) Seems like the best of both
worlds... but it died a very quick death. The fact that no one appears to
have heard about it probably has something to do with it...
- Joe