Re: FC: Microsoft's fax to Larry Lessig: Bill Gates as Satan?

CobraBoy! (
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 22:59:25 -0800

Joseph M. Reagle Jr. about 3:37 PM -0800 on 1/7/98, came up with this:

> Wow... pretty amazing. I had lunch with Larry last week, and he was very
> cautious about talking about this subject (he wouldn't basically). Goes to
> show that anyone that ever posted to FoRK is not likely to be appointed a
> master expert. <smile>

Clearly I am THE person Ms is looking for. A quick short list of my
qualifications makes this clear.

1) I have absolutely no morals - much like Microsoft
2) I have been described on FoRK as being lame brained, brain damaged,
inept, a blow hard, and full of shit - much like Microsoft
3) I have babbled on endlessly about the inferior quality of Microsofts
products - much like Netscape
4) I can and will accept a cash bribe and stock options to exonerate
Microsoft of all charges.



The first line of the song is, "your butt is mine" now who was he saying that to?

The artist formally known as Prince speaking about Michael Jacksons "Bad"

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