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First KUCI-spam of 1998!

- Jim

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KUCI top 30 for January 5, 1998 or whatever it is today

1) Modest Mouse--The Lonesome Crowded West (Up)
2) Movietone--Day and Night (Drag City)
3) Three Mile Pilot--Another Desert Another Sea (Headhunter)
4) Bright--The Albatross Guest House (Ba Da Bing/Darla)
5) Windsor for the Derby--Minnie Greutzfeld (Trance)
6) Cranes--EP Collection 1 & 2 (Dedicated)
7) Quickspace--s/t (Slash)
8) Tindersticks--Nonette and Boni (Bar/None)
9) Doubting Thomas--Father Don't Cry (SubConscious)
10) Glyn Styler/Lydia Lunch--The Desperate Ones (Truckstop/Atavistic)
11) Sonic Youth--SYR2 (SYR)
12) Holiday--Cafe Reggio (SpinArt)
13) Class--First Class (Double Agent)
14) V/A--Little Darla Has A Treat... (Darla)
15) Double U/Glands of External Secretion--s/t (VHF)
16) Magick Heads--Woody (Flying Nun)
17) Moondog--Sax Pax for a Sax (Atlantic)
18) rhBand--Third Order Parasitism (Drunken Fish)
19) Watoo Watoo--Un Peu de Moi (Blackbean)
20) Nurse With Wound--Acts of Senseless Beauty (United Dairies)
21) Mendoza Line--Poems to a Pawnshop (Kindercore)
22) Dead C--Tusk (Siltbreeze)
23) Syuuka--Onna-Kodomo (Charnel Music)
24) KG--Nature Morte (Fortune 4)
25) Labradford--Mi Media Naranja (Kranky)
26) Mecca Normal--Who Shot Elvis? (Matador)
27) V/A--Great Jewish Artists: Serge Gainsbourg (Tzadik)
28) V/A--Corners of the Mouth (Bubblecore)
29) Azusa Plane--(7") (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
30) Jandek--I Woke Up (Corwood)

K-Group/Omit--Slow Movement 7" (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
Charalambides--Live (Wholly Other)
Bruce Gilbert--In Esse (Mute)
ConDemek--Technological Shack Job (Harsh House/Functional Org.)

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