MS Support for WebDAV

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 19:45:44 -0400

> NEW YORK -- Microsoft on Wednesday announced at Fall Internet World
> here that it would support the Web Distributed Authoring and
> Versioning Protocol (WebDAV) in both its Office 2000 product line
> and Windows NT 5.0 Server products.

So just when *do* we get functionality like:
> If WebDAV support was added to Java, applets would gain
> write-access on the Web server,
(as some FoRKer supposedly said) anyway, huh?
(btw, applets talking to servlets over rmi, with
http-tunneling for the firewall-impaired, is pretty routine. And
no one ever said Java networking had to be limited to rmi, of
course ;).

In other words, I can skin your cat with my knife, and you can
skin my knife with your cat, etcetcetc..