Captain Howdy

Tim Byars (
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 16:33:55 -0700

>Captain Howdy has what it takes to be a horror icon.
> He satisfies the elements of fascination, of curiosity and
> interest. The universality of the serial killer has become part
> and parcel of contemporary horror mythology. He has
> charisma. Piercing and pain are all about sex. Part of the
> reason Captain Howdy has what it takes is because he is this
> brilliant articulate fetishist. He believes in, and justifies his
> actions by, his understanding of all the fetishism and piercing
> and torture devices throughout the history of the world.
> Captain Howdy's historical research and sort of cosmic
> justification for pain are powerful character traits. He
> understands the search for enlightenment through pain. The
> difficulty with Captain Howdy would be sequels. It will be
> difficult to contrive the further adventures of Captain Howdy.
> Difficult but not impossible.

I'm there.


p.s. WTF is this shit with Rock stars going to India and finding
themselves? Beasties, Anthony Keredis, Alanis Morresette...


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