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Tim Byars (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 11:43:33 -0700

>Consumer portable update
> Recent news made available to Rumors regarding Apple's forthcoming
> Portable (code name "P1") has fit well into the overall
>Mac-platform picture.
> Among the highlights:
> As with the iMac, the ergonomics are designed from children
>up -- instead
> of Professional machines, which are often designed from
>adults down.
> The pointing device, screen placement, keyboard design, and
>case are all
> targeted at being kid-compatible without making them
>incompatible with
> adults.
> Processing will most likely be handled through a 300Mhz G3
> processor with a 512k backside cache -- however, earlier
>rumors of a
> cacheless model continue to linger.
> The portable will ship with 32MB of RAM, a 4GB 2.5" hard
>disk, and a
> 11"-ish DSTN LCD screen, which sources report is visually
>similar to the
> screen used in the PowerBook 2400 subnotebook.
> Weight should also be similar to that of the 2400...a little
>over four pounds
> in current versions.
> Of course, all versions should include built-in USB. IrDA
>and Firewire are
> unknowns with regards to whether they will be included with
> versions of the product, but provided rumors of Apple's
>decision to
> waylay Infrared for the immediate future are inaccurate (and
> that we are unfortunately not ready to make), IrDA should be
>a shoo-in for
> the portable.


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