Re: Voice Economics

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 14:43:17 -0700

> Half duplex is a monologue
> full duplex is a conversation
> But still and all, voice alone is only a fraction of how and what we
> communicate, or better put it is just one tool we use to express
> ourselves, most times with out knowing we are using those tools at all.
> Facial ticks, breathing, eye motion, finger twitches.
> There is still a very long way to go until full-humanplex communications
> are realized over the lines, data or voice.

Sure, but if I believe Lisa's arguements, the telephone would
never have been invented because you couldn't communicated because
you can't see facial expressions. My point was solely, sure you
need those things to communicate, but at what cost? Does every
single conversation have to include those things? What type of
support do you need for 1/2 the time?

How does the average person decide whether to write a letter, pick up
the phone, send an email, etc. With digital media you can now
broadcast, multicast, pointcast, etc, not everybody needs to do
everything. What dollar premium are you willing to pay to handle
full-humanplex communications and do you need it all the time?