Re: Amazon developments

Chai-Hup Chen (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 17:05:01 -0700 (PDT)


> Not until now. (is there an equivalent music service?)
I am going to do it, hopefully, music will be launched on

> > the delivery, and orders them by total price. I had never heard
> > of half the sellers so couldn't say if some of them might be
> > European.
Most of the bookstore are US base, and some are UK.
The rest will be added as long as I know and agree their quality

> Hmmm, a search on 'Carol Lloyd Wood' didn't return the book you'd get
> in or, although 'Lloyd Wood' did return that amongst
> others (possibly because the book isn't listed as in stock in
>, whereas it is in, so the output is
> discarded). Hidden heuristics in metasearch engines always seem to
> result in oddities like these - which is why I'd often rather query
> online databases myself.

Thank for your information.
Bookpages is just change to, and right now I am no a
business trip, still have no time to fix it.
I will fix it as long as I finish my trip.

> Having said that, selecting delivery to GB returned prices between
> US$59 and $US82.90, the cheapest being from the Internet Bookshop UK
> (UKP 35.96 - addall converts to US$, but doesn't provide the original
> prices in its output even though shipping to the UK was selected) -
> whereas lists at UKP39.95.
A good question ..
Let me thing somewhere to fix it ..

> Definitely a useful comparison service. If it does and
> .de, it's a must-use.
Thank for using the service. will be added by November,
.de is my problem as I know nothing about german ..
I love to AddALL

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