[Fwd: Genuine: Microsoft vs. DOJ trial: internal Microsoft memo]

Joachim Feise (jfeise@ICS.uci.edu)
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 20:38:45 -0700

Maybe some MS guys can confirm if this is real or fake.


Bill Thomassen wrote:
> The sister of a coworker is employed by Microsoft; this is genuine.
> A couple informative links below; they are public URLs.
> Bill
> >>> -----Original Message-----
> >>> From: Steve Ballmer
> >>> Sent: Sunday, October 18, 1998 11:16 PM
> >>> To: Microsoft Corporate Campus; Microsoft Domestic Offices; Microsoft
> >>> International Offices
> >>> Subject: DOJ Trial Update
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> As the Justice Department's lawsuit against Microsoft gets underway Monday
> >>> in Washington, D.C., I want to offer some thoughts about the case and
> >>> encourage you to stay focused, as the trial progresses, on the great work
> >>> you're doing for our customers.
> >>>
> >>> First a little perspective. As we approach this trial, I think it is
> >>> important to realize how much support we have for what we do and how we do
> >>> it. Microsoft enjoys widespread public favorability and is cited in a
> >>> number of public opinion surveys as one of America's most admired
> >>> companies. When you go home to your families, when you talk to your
> >>> friends at the kids' soccer games or when you talk to business colleagues,
> >>> remember how much people admire and respect our company.
> >>>
> >>> Our lawyers have been working hard to prepare for this lawsuit since it
> >>> was filed last May. We are confident that the judicial system will
> >>> ultimately affirm the fundamental principle that every American technology
> >>> company must have the freedom to innovate and create great products that
> >>> benefit consumers. We also are confident that Microsoft's business
> >>> practices will be found legal, and entirely consistent with the way other
> >>> companies throughout our industry compete.
> >>>
> >>> That said, we expect this six-to-eight-week trial to be contentious and
> >>> the focus of considerable media attention. As plaintiff, the government
> >>> will have the first opportunity to outline its case, show evidence and put
> >>> forth witnesses. The result, at least in the early weeks of the trial, is
> >>> likely to be a number of stories in the press recounting the government's
> >>> attacks against Microsoft. Once we get the opportunity to present our
> >>> evidence and this is reflected in media coverage, the public will have a
> >>> better understanding of the case.
> >>>
> >>> Last June, in a case involving Windows 95, the U.S. Court of Appeals
> >>> upheld Microsoft's right to integrate Internet technology into Windows.
> >>> Since this issue also is at the core of the government's current case
> >>> against Microsoft, the DOJ has attempted to introduce a number of entirely
> >>> unrelated assertions, hoping something - anything - will stick. These new
> >>> allegations are unsupported by the evidence, and we believe they, too,
> >>> will in the end be rejected by the courts.
> >>>
> >>> There is no industry in America today that is more innovative and more
> >>> competitive than ours. With the introduction of hundreds of new software
> >>> and hardware products each year, consumers have more choices than ever
> >>> before. I'm incredibly proud - and you should be, too - of the
> >>> contribution Microsoft has made in helping create and grow this industry -
> >>> an industry that today accounts for more than one quarter of America's
> >>> economic growth. We will work hard to make sure the court, the media and
> >>> the public understand why government intervention in product design is
> >>> unnecessary, and the risk it presents to the future of every company in
> >>> our industry.
> >>>
> >>> For those who are interested in more information, or who have questions
> >>> about the case, I encourage you to take a look at a document we released
> >>> last week entitled Setting the Record Straight
> >>> <http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/10-13record.htm>. Please
> >>> feel free to share this with friends, relatives and others who may want to
> >>> know more about the facts of the case. You'll also be able to follow
> >>> developments by visiting Press Pass <http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/>,
> >>> where - every evening - we will update each day's court events.
> >>>
> >>> Understandably, everyone who works at Microsoft will be interested in the
> >>> outcome of this case. As I've said many times over the last few months,
> >>> the lawyers are handling this, and I have 100% confidence in their ability
> >>> to represent our best interests. As news reports have noted, this case is
> >>> likely to be appealed whatever the outcome, so a final resolution is some
> >>> distance in the future. In the meantime, we all must continue to stay
> >>> focused on what we do best: serving the needs of our customers and
> >>> creating products that really make a difference in people's lives.
> >>>
> >>> I'd like to close by saying how privileged I am to be working with each
> >>> and every one of you. This is a fantastic company, with so many smart,
> >>> passionate people doing great things for our industry, for our customers
> >>> and for the American economy. I am confident that in the end we will
> >>> prevail, but in the meantime, let's all pay attention to the road ahead.
> >>> In an industry as innovative and competitive as ours, we can't afford to
> >>> take our eye off the ball for a single minute.